• High Level of Quality

Everyone can educate to this but it's not everyone who fits for the work. The most important thing for me is to have the right people, not just educate a lot of people to earn money. That thing is seperating this education from others.

It's for the empaths who feel ready to help humanity.

- Jessie Årjes, Founder of HHoS

  • Genuine, honest and truthful

With this education you will have longtime relationship with your collegues and the founder. It's a teamwork and we help each other to continue grow after the certification is done.

During the education you will containe a higher consiusness and then you will appreciate like minded people.


HypnoHealer of Sweden
An education there teaches you to work consciously, subconsciously and with the quantum field. This is a unique course with international certification, so you can work where you want and when you want. Everyone can learn this, but not everyone is suited for the profession. Being a therapist means great responsibility that the client should feel completely safe opening up to you and that you can receive what they share. So what is the difference between working with HypnoHealing and regular healing or with coaching?
With Hypnohealing, we directly reach the root and heal imbalances in the body, soul and mind of our customers. Most people only need 1-3 sessions to get a whole new life, in other words, this is the most effective form of therapy that I know of.

If people come to you spontaneously and find it easy to

open up about their lives to you, then this is the training for you!

Conscious mind
Is a rather slow mind that is created to keep track of 4-7 things at once, more than that it can't handle and overload is created in the brain - No wonder many people feel bad and run into a wall when they try work hard with the conscious.

Subconscious mind
Your body remembers everything, every single second of this life (even if you consciously cannot remember) and even from past existences.

All your feelings, thoughts, behaviors gather here. It's energy in all of your muscels, nervoussystem and cells. So interseting mind to work with.

The quantum field
Everything is energy, you are energy, the stool you are sitting on, the planet earth, the phone or computer you are reading from. Your body, all the events that have created feelings and thoughts are energy. It's no wonder we get sick if we don't take care of our own energy. There is also the Healing Team that helps during sessions and generally in meetings with people.
You will learn to manage your intuition, interpret and decipher other people's energies, connect to the other world and other dimensions. The universe is a big place and we are not alone here.

Course Layout
Two occasions each 4 days (usually Thursday-Sunday, flexible and adaptable according to the group)

Part 1

Energy knowledge, quantum field, intuition, chakras, anatomy, medicine, quantum healing, the basis of hypnosis, tools for having conscious conversations and listening between the lines. You increase your own awareness and theories are combined with practice on each other and me.

Part 2

Deepening part focusing on therapeutic tools, untying emotional knots in the body. Understanding of diseases and how it settles in the physical body.

Certification Requiers

After both two parts are done this is requierd of you to be certificated.

10 hypnohealing sessions.

10 sessions on yourself, exchange with a colleague or someone in the team.

5 Quantum Healing sessions

All sessions should be easily documented so we can go through it together.

Investment: Total price SEK 37,500 incl. VAT.

Registration SEK 1350 (deducted from the remaining price, non-refundable)

Access to private FB group after registration is done, a group only for therapists trained by Pro Sensum. There you can ask questions and there will also be information about future meetings with your colleagues. Welcome to the team!


We are growing and are looking for new colleagues. The world's mentalh health needs more of us.

Join our team!

Jessie Årjes

Founder of HHoS

Kristina Ernstsson

Head Master HHoS